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We parse all active and registered domains (165+ million) DAILY and perform NLP and ML analysis to find trending keywords to help you discover new business ideas!

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Our Trending Search offers 4,000+ domain lookups at a time! Advanced Mode offers 200 at a time.

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Simply enter a base term and click generate. Go advanced if you need more power! Use the included Thesaurus and Dictionary word lists with all known english words.

Real-time Availability

Every domain that shows up as available can be registered now! Very few sites can offer 2,000 domain lookups at a time for free. We also offer a free availabilty API if you are thinking about building an application.

You are in control of your domain search

While our Easy Mode offers the best chance of finding an awesome trending business domain fastest, you can get more control with Advanced Mode. Search Dictionary lists testing every combination of a domain. Use our built-in List Builder with a Thesuarus to build endless permutations

Easy to Use & Customize Your Search

In addition to .com, you can search .net, .org and more will be added soon. We built the system to support all tlds. You can also select prefix or suffix. Open Advanced Mode for more options like the ability to combine a domain with a certain part of a list.

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